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CPU Processors

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GE Series 90-30 Description
5-slot baseplate with embedded CPU, 1K Byte Register Memory use small fraction 9030
5-slot baseplate with embedded CPU, 2K Bytes Register MemoryFirmware for CPUs 9030
10 SLOT CPU RACK Configuring a model 331 rack size will produce Non-fatal hardware IC6
10-Slot Rack With Turbo CPU in base Firmware for these CPUs is in a replaceable EPROM IC
CPU (16K Bytes) 10 MHz modular CPUs consist of a CPU, memory IC693CPU Compatable
PROCESSOR CPU 80C188XL microprocessor 20 MHz, 32K Bytes User Program IC693CPU 9030
CPU341 module PROCESSOR 20 MHz, 80K Bytes User Program Memory IC693CPU GE Fanuc
CPU 350 25 MHz Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Random Access Memory
CPU 351 Flash Firmware (Standard and User Memory) 25 MHz IC693CPU Compatabe with
CPU 352 Capacities Speed: 25 Processor: 80386EX 25 MHz, math coprocessor IC693CPU
CPU 360 Memory: 240K1 Confirgurable All Series CPUs can work with integer numbers
CPU 363 CPU module, 25 MHz, with two extra serial ports 90-30 State Logic CPU IC693CPU
CPU 364 and Ethernet Interface communicate without using the PLC backplane IC693CPU

GE CPU 366 Module (240K Bytes configurable Supports Profibus DP Master (Version 1 supported)

One Profibus port and one RS-232 service port.

CPU 367 Module with PROFIBUS Slave Firmware 90-30 Embedded Interface Series 90-30 CPU
GE CPU Ethernet CPU firmware stored in Flash memory loaded serial port connector IC693CPU
CPU 372 CPU is modular, it can readily be replaced or changed to a different type IC693CPU
CPU 374 CPU module, 133 MHz, 240K bytes User Program Memory with Ethernet IC693CPU

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