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  • Automation Equipments

    Fastech Viet Nam Co., Ltd is a supplier of automation products, industrial equipment manufacturers of leading reputation in the world: FASTWEL, EKF, MEN.DE, OMRON, MITSUBISHI, SMC, IDEC, SIEMENS, YAKAWA…

    • Industrual computer, I/O card, DAQ…
    • Electrical quipment: PLC, HMI, Servo, Inverter, sensor
    • Smart Home equipment
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  • Production management

         Andon system used primarily in the production chain is responsible for the error message, damage or malfunction of parts, certain lines to all parts, which find how to fix it quickly. Ensure the operation continuosly…

    • Andon System combines conveyor
    • Andon System Maintenance System combined with
    • Error System management

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  • Scada and DCS

    Fastech Vietnam specializing in design, fabrication and installation of electrical cabinets, control cabinets … Serve room installation for electrical engineering master of the factories, the construction,

    • Integrated design automation system
    • Supply and installation of medium voltage cabinets, low voltage cabinet
    • Supply and installation of electrical control cabinets, automation of factories
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